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Scheduling Payments


The simplest solution to interact with your clients online

Easy to use, fully web based, no tech skills required.

Single click scheduling

Eliminate the back and forth - enable clients to fill your calendar directly

Online or in-person meetings

Meet your clients flexibly - use our video call solution, meet in person, or call directly

Instant payments

Stop chasing payments – get paid the moment your meeting with client is booked

Automatic invoicing

Reduce paperwork – let us generate and send invoices directly to your clients


Convert website visitors into new clients

Add a booking button or a pop up to your website, social media or your email signature and watch your client base grow. Connect with new customers at the peak of their interest.

Join meetings with a single click

Meet in person or share your expertise worldwide by using our simple, no-download video call solution.

Join from any device, share your screen, and record your sessions.


Make money - as easy as it gets

Get paid instantly and never worry about no-shows again!

An invoice is issued and automatically sent to your customer.

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