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The All-in-One: Knowledge Base with Customizable Help Center Site, Public Roadmap, Embeddable Help Widget, Boosted Announcements & Customer Feedback Collection.

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Why Elasticfox

Pros of Self Service Customer Support Portal with Announcements & Roadmap

Reduce Number of Incoming Tickets
Provide 24/7 Customer Support Assistance
Enhance Customer Acquisition
Enable Fast Response Time
Increase Customer Satisfaction
Build Customer Onboarding Tutorials
Drive Higher User Engagement
Reduce Costs on Support Agents
Promote a Culture of Knowledge Sharing
Gathering Powerful Insights & Analytics
Increase Website Traffic (SEO)
Build Public Road maps for Customers
Amazing features

Your agile companion

Building and delivering is valuable, sharing updates and collecting feedback too.

Improve customer retention

Elasticfox Widgets make your changes visible on your pages, in-app, and at the right time. Customers discover what's changed but also how hard you work for them, continuously.

Reinforce your feedback loop

Optionally combined with Newspages, your users can browse updates, share, and send feedback. Collected reactions provide the right information for improving your product and reducing churn.

Keep customers and internal teams in sync

Elasticfox integrates with thousands of other services via Zapier. Forward your changes to Twitter, Facebook, Slack, MailChimp, etc. but also create updates from Github releases, Trello cards and more.

With Elasticfox, my team's updates never go unnoticed." - Kate, a happy manager.
Publish updates to Twitter
Create tweets upon changes to engage users.
Post submissions to Slack
Keep your team in-sync on new updates.
Create publications with Github
Upon new releases, create Noticeable publications.
Publish posts to Facebook
Share updates with your community.
Add subscribers to Mailchimps
Collect emails of interested users.

A powerful solution with dozens of popular integrations

Elasticfox Widgets, Newspages, but also our powerful API and integration make almost anything possible: from a product changelog to a modern notification center.

Create a timeline about your company journey

Share about the state of your product: announcements, new features, releases, traffic, or revenue. Transparency is key to build trust and get positive results.

Build your audience and marketing lists

Advertize about webinars, upcoming products, email courses, or special offers, and make it easy for your visitors to register. Engage first-time and returning visitors.

Increase your e-Commerce conversions

Promote new products and offerings. Announce special deals and discounts. Segment consumers by demographic or behaviors. Increase click rate and conversions.

How it works

Install a Plug & Play Widget

Paste the Elasticfox code snippet on your pages. It's as simple as that!

Configure Integrations

Optionally select where and how updates must be sent upon publication.

Engage your audience

Write about your changes. Save as a draft, publish immediately or schedule for later.

Enjoy Elasticfox

Your audience is notified and analytics are collected. No code or repetitive tasks required.

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Self-Service Customer Support, Updates & Reactions

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